With themes reminiscent of fancy dolls from childhood,vivi offers moments in a variety of situations in which anyone can express their identity by becoming symbols of joy, happiness, and beauty.

Have a special time with the magic of "Valienne"

viviが幼い頃憧れていた"異国のお人形"をデザインテーマに、様々なシーンで自分らしさを 演出できる『喜びと幸せと美の象徴』になる瞬間を全ての方に提案いたします。 『Valienne』の魔法で特別な時間を。

Art directer vivi

From in Sapporo, Japan. Started self-study for making original dresses in 2008 and began to receive commissions for her creations. Opened dress shop "Valienne" in 2010 which launched her full-scale start as a wedding dress designer. In addition to weddings, she is active in a wide range of projects in the sphere of costuming such as space coordination and production, project planning, artistry, entertainment as well as outfits for companies and theatrical productions.

札幌市在住 2008年に独学で創作dressを作成したのがきっかけで様々な衣装の依頼を受ける 2010年にdress shop『Valienne』を立ち上げ dress designer としてスタート 空間コーディネートやプロデュース、アーティスト、芸能、企業や舞台衣装など様々な分野に衣装提供し幅広く活動しています。